Annual Maintenance Agreements
& Lawn Care Services

Annual Maintenance Agreements with JK Landscaping include mowing at regular intervals from March/April through November, with careful considerations to height and weather conditions assuring a healthy lawn. Edging along walkways, drives and gardens is always part of our service. Before we leave we blow clean walkways and drive areas for a neat and tidy appearance.


Spring and Fall Clean Ups are a must and are an important part of our yearly services; they can be included in the annual maintenance contract with JK Landscaping or scheduled separately. They include general clean up of seasonal debris such as leaves, sticks and plant materials. The edges of garden beds and tree rings will be defined, weeds removed, mulch refreshed and carefully placed to protect the plants and enhance your homes appearance.

Specialized Lawn Services
• Fertilizing in the spring and at appropriate summer and fall intervals is recommended.
• Weed Control — preemptive pre-emergent application in the spring and spot control through the growing season is recommended.
• Lawn rehabilitation
• De-thatching
• Aerating
• Seeding and/or sod installation